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Strategic Impact:
Humanizing, Dramatizing, & Publicizing



Our motto is If there is a wall in front of us, then we climb over it, go around it, or tear it down to get the job done!  There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter approach to fulfilling our clients mission.  Unique strategic creativity is the only necessary ingredient. SCI not only provides the hutzpah to achieve success but also trains field teams and staff for DIY approach.


By dramatizing public policy initiatives, our clients benefit from strategic grassroots campaigns that build momentum and movements.  Issue campaigning is complimented with digital & media advocacy. With a nickname of being the glue, its our specialty to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  For our foodie, wine and arts clients, we focus on bringing the tastes and cultural to life on social media. 


The majority of our clients are dedicated public policy proponents advocating for freedom and liberty.  They seek strategic coalitions & untraditional alliances to advance their mission and expand their support.  Critical topics include:  school choice, economic liberty and tax payer freedom.  We embrace food, wine and cultural enthusiasts & entrepreneurs in our client base as well.



Founded in 2002, Strategic Coalitions & Initiatives, LLC known as SCI, is a privately held corporation headquartered in Washington, DC and consults nationwide. SCI builds untraditional alliances and creates infrastructures designed to support and implement strategic political initiatives and public policy objectives.  Trains field teams and designs strategic implementation plans for DIY initiatives.  Stages, designs and directs large rally events as well small pop-up-rallies.


Washington, DC Based 

with Global Outreach

Tel: 202-236-6717

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