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SCI was founded by and led by Maureen Blum, a season veteran of strategic political warfare.  A tested strategist Maureen moves back and forth with ease, working with grassroots activists on the ground to providing strategy to the "grasstops" in the board rooms.  She identifies, dramatizes, and humanizes the issues into real life impact stories for decision makers.   She regularly relies on her jovial experiences from growing up in her father’s bar on Miami Beach and the strength of her Catholic education.


Although not a lawyer she was often described as "litigating in the court of public opinion" during her tenture at  Institute for Justice, a public interest free market law firm.  Directing outreach campaigns to compliment litigation, was the daily duties of the day.  As you can imagine building momentum from case filing to oral arguments can follow a curvaceous path. Personalizing & framing school choice as a real-life opportuntiy and not just a legal matter, was a long journey from Cleveland to Washington, DC.  Organizing and managing the U.S. Supreme Court rally in Zelman v. Simmons-Harris, opened up a world of ideas and opportunity.  It is that defining moment of school choice that Strategic Coalitions & Initiatives, LLC was conceived.


Referred to as SCI, the firm is grounded in Washington, DC. and is seasoned advocate of several conservative issue battles on Capitol Hill.  SCI specializes in the development of grassroots and community infrastructure designed to support and implement political initiatives and conservative public policy objectives.


Look for Maureen’s upcoming book:  The 4 M’s of Coalition Building: How to litigate in the court of public opinion!  Stay tuned!










Maureen Blum
Founder and Principal

February 2002 -- US Supreme Court Rally was one of the first school choice rallies of its kind for parent choice and educational freedom.  This movement launched the conception of SCI.

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