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Issue Campaigns

National Committee for Religious Freedom (NCRF)
United States of America, 2022 to date 


The NCRF is a 501(c)4 political action non-profit that exists to proactively defend the constitutional rights of religious freedom so that all Americans, their religious communities, and faith-based institutions can peacefully and publicly exercise their religious beliefs.  

The NCRF defends religious freedom by identifying and supporting elected officials and candidates who are committed to upholding the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Likewise, the NCRF identifies and works to replace elected officials at every level who are hostile to religious freedom for all Americans.  


SCI serves as Senior Government Affairs Advisor advocating for Religious Freedom within the marble corridors of Washington, DC and raising the brand profile within the national political arena. 

Catholics Count!
United States of America, 2019 to date.
New York State,  2015 to 2018

Catholics Count was established for Catholics voices to be heard loud and clear.  Catholics Count represents an effort by lay members of the Catholic Church to reassert their First Amendment rights to be active participants in public affairs and the political life originally in the Empire State and then extending across the great USA.  With the organizational name and mission being one in the same, SCI is happy to echo and broadcast those voices as part of the social media campaign on Twitter and Instagram @Catholics_Count and Facebook.  Increasingly necessary, Catholics Count is entering into the political debate on issues affecting Church doctrine.


Bubbles & Boobs

The World, October 1st, 2018 to date


B&B was established as a FUNdraising project to raise vital funding to fight breast cancer and to support Pink Warriors, as they battle the disease.  Individual FUNdraising parties are sponsored throughout the world on or surrounding International Champagne Day where supporters sip "bubbles" while raising awareness and money to fight breast cancer.  The inaugural kick-off events were held in October 2018 in 3 countries, 12 USA states and in the District of Columbia. Planning for October 2019 FUNdraisers will be rolled out during the first quarter of 2019.  


Join us!  Join the fight!  The global Bubbles & Boobs community is organized and supported on social media platforms.  


The United States of America,  04/2017 to 02/2022

EdTaxCredit50 was established as a project to support and encourage a federal K-12 scholarship education tax credit.  With the intention of catapulting school choice across the country, a national coalition is being formed to work together to support #EdTaxCredit50 in every state for every child.  We live in the United States of America - not the selected states of America.  All taxpayers deserve the same constitutional rights under the U.S. Constitution.  A national education tax credit would increase incentives to support education scholarship organizations both secular and religious. 

USA Workforce logo[2].jpg

USA Workforce Coalition

The United States of America, 03/2018 to 02/2022


The USA Workforce Coalition was founded to advocate for policies that will close the nation's skills gap and ensure every American worker is better prepared to harness their full potential. Today, millions of skilled labor jobs in a range of industries remain unfilled in the United States.  The top priority of the Coalition is the adoption of the USA Workforce Tax Credit, which would encourage individuals and corporations to make donations to nonprofits that provide apprenticeship training and workforce preparation skills for adults. The credit would also support a much needed expansion of scholarships that focus on K-12 students to ensure our young people are preparing to become the American workforce of the future.

Tax Payer Rights:  Accountability & Transparency 
Long Island - 2015


During the fall of 2015, a relatively young but well seasoned not-for-profit state policy think tank Reclaim New York was ready to leave the confines of their offices and reach out into the community with the release of the  Long Island Affordability Crisis Report.  SCI was charged with introducing Reclaim New York into the community, raising their profile throughout Long Island and broadcasting the report.  After assessing the community, civic, and local infrastructure, RNY and SCI launched targeted campaign on government transparency which transitioned to DIY in-house staff.  SCI looks forward to branch out across the state as Reclaim New York spreads its wings!

My Child, My Choice, My Charter!
Albany, NY 2004 through 2010 & 2015


With a philanthropic commitment to build charter schools for a significantly underserved population and neglected neighborhood communities, there was a surge of political activities to get the schools open on time and a force to block their openings.  The community desire and call for educational choice and opportunity for all was the genesis of My Child, My Choice, My Charter!  SCI was charged with building a parent army to support the charter school expansions as well as part of a community organization to recruit students.  As the schools opened, the campaign expanded to include:  My Future, My Choice, My Charter! Over the course of days, months and years, the campaign successfully filled 11 charter schools and turned leading antagonists into supporters of charter schools.

Grandmas (& Grandpas) for Charter Schools
Albany, NY (& beyond) 2010 (& beyond)


The politically influenced City School District of Albany, New York began withholding portions of the mandated charter school allotted funding.  After a few cycles of failed negotiations, legal and regulatory discussions, Grandmas for Charter Schools was created.  With separate and distinct charter schools operating in New York’s capital city, it was clear that a commonality was that every school had an army of proud grandmothers in residence.   With regular meetings, Coffee Clutches, and Grandma Bingo games, we established a cohesive community force to advocate on behalf of charter schools with the Grandmas’ Show Me the Money campaign.  Collectively they rallied!  Together they attended school board meetings.  Jointly they attended community and political events where school board members were attending.  Cohesively they were a public relations nightmare for the school board who finally released the vital funding after the back payments topped just over $5million dollars!  

Zelman vs. Simmons-Harris
Cleveland, OH to U.S. Supreme Court  2002

The landmark Cleveland School Choice case that liberated roughly 4,000 students from a failing public school system was argued February 2002.  Culminating 4 years of building momentum & support on the streets and in the schools of Cleveland, 400 families rode buses through the night to reach the U.S. Supreme Court.  As the legal eagles presented the case, Cleveland families and hundreds of local area supporters rallied on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court waiting for the courageous plaintiffs and skilled lawyers.  In the shadows of September 11th, we worked and negotiated with 5 branches of law enforcement.  With great national security restrictions of assembling a crowd on the steps, we adapted with creative and unique “props” that are now part of SCI’s regular arsenal of rally-to-go kits!   Our Pop-Up Rally Tools would surprise you!


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